For students and apprentices of all ages and abilities

I struggled with everything, including my times tables. Now I have time to go over the things I missed.

I was told by my teacher that I would never be good at maths. E-Numeracy is never negative, so I don’t feel anxious anymore.

At school

Use E-Numeracy to help you prepare for exams, as a revision tool, or to supplement your classwork to really develop your confidence with numbers.

At home

Study any time, anywhere, on any device with E-Numeracy. Progress through the curriculum at your own pace with personalised learning.

At work

Improved numeracy will open new opportunities and promotion for employees of all ages – many employers are happy to provide this support – to joining staff, apprentices and existing staff members.

Are you a student in further education? Get confident with numbers using a proven, effective programme no matter what your starting level is. Sign up here to learn more.

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How it works

Our solution is the result of four decades of respected research in ‘maths anxiety’...

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  • Quickly analyses and identifies core gaps
  • Creates and continuously updates a personalised ‘Learning Journey’ for each user
  • Dynamically adapts to user’s pace, difficulty, learning style, etc
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  • Understands topic dependencies
  • Full GCSE Foundation, or bespoke employer/ apprenticeship focus
  • Exercises adapt to different learning styles – such as graphical, formulaic, or estimation
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  • Re-motivates the maths-anxious
  • Non-judgemental interactions and feedback
  • Adapts as confidence builds, stays patient
  • Always available 24-7, appeals to online habits of this generation
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  • Connect with like- minded students – by topic, interests or proximity
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Engages via games, and relates context to career, and interests

Not a student or apprentice? See who else we help.

I am a student or apprentice

Did you know that almost 70% of the working population in the UK struggles with numeracy skills? E-Numeracy is a practical new way to build your confidence in maths and numeracy.

I am an educator or policy maker

Our programme aligns to GCSE Foundation level mathematics, and covers a range of topics that helps your students get confident with numbers, whether at home or in the classroom.

I am an employer

We deliver a tailored, personalised e-learning programme for apprentices and employees to build a foundation level of numeracy skills, helping apprentices to level up.

Example learning screens from E-Numeracy learning platform