Mike Fish
“Everyone deserves a second chance. We founded E-Numeracy with the mission of helping realise the potential of each young person whose career, education and even life choices are constrained by a lack of a maths qualification."

As CEO of Gradarius Europe Mike led the European market entry of an advanced US maths Edtech product. He has run businesses on three continents in his career as a serial software CEO & VC investor, with investments of up to $50 million. He is an AI/Analytics expert, was accredited as an Executive Coach in 2013 and was awarded his first patent age 27.

Neil Salvi
“I believe that a basic confidence with numbers is one of the core building blocks in life. I have been surprised how little has changed since I was taught maths in the 80s. Our mission is to help those who need the most help."

After 10 years at Accenture, following a maths degree from Oxford and an MBA from INSEAD, Neil founded PACE in 1997. A pioneer in mobile video, the company was later acquired by Nvidia in 2005. He then served as Chairman India of Imagination Technologies, more than doubling their engineering resource base. He recently returned to his passion of teaching maths, whilst helping Mike to roll out Gradarius pilots to schools in UK and Europe

Advisory board

Daniel Hulme
“It is imperative we continue to push the boundaries of education. There is a huge opportunity to use AI to extend and accelerate how everyone learns. E-Numeracy will play a significant role in this, and I'm honoured to be a part of the journey.”

Daniel is an AI Expert, TED speaker, CEO of AI company Satalia, Entrepreneur- in-Residence at UCL and Lecturer at London School of Economics.

Tim Knight
“I believe that understanding is the key to mathematics, it can’t be learnt by heart. For me, understanding is not forgetting.”

Tim studied mathematics at Oxford University before embarking on a 30 year journey in mathematics education. He has been fortunate to teach mathematics and develop curriculum at schools on four continents, as well as eight years working with online providers of mathematics education. He has been heavily involved in the development and assessment of the International Baccalaureate programme since 2000.

Andy Scarlett
“A significant and rising proportion of school leavers and young adults are unfairly ill-equipped with basic numeracy and relevant maths skills E-Numeracy offers them a relevant, cost effective and practical solution to help them obtain an education"

Andy is a parent with personal interest in numeracy and maths learning difficulties. He is also a professional investor / fundraiser and acts as business adviser and non-executive director for a variety of startup-up and growth companies.