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E-Numeracy is a new approach to maths education – improving classroom effectiveness and helping struggling learners in an individualised way, just as a personal 1:1 tutor would. While many existing maths learning products perform an excellent job, few are specifically focussed on the struggling learner and their individual needs. These include numerical skills of course, but also affective barriers, such as improving confidence and reducing anxiety. The deep personalisation needed to do this requires advanced AI technology that has only now become available. Into this we have embedded the fruits of world leading educational research into learning barriers, such as maths anxiety.

E-Numeracy’s mission is to provide that ‘Second Chance’ to those whose career, education and even life choices are being constrained by a lack of a GCSE maths or other numeracy qualification. It is intended to augment, rather than replace the teacher, and to complement classroom learning or apprentice training provided by employers. Classroom learning is of course great – for students who can keep up with the class! Others accumulate knowledge gaps that limit their ability to absorb new topics, especially in mathematics. This is the primary reason for 40% UK students failing at 16 and 80% at subsequent re-sit exams, leading to restricted opportunities and unrealised potential – at a personal and national level.

We created E-Numeracy for these students by embedding into our system the best educational research, including four decades of research by Dr Chinn into ‘maths anxiety’. These principles are then personalised to the needs of each student using AI, analysing what students know, and adapting to the needs of each, just as a personal tutor would. The unique learning features this enables includes:

  • ‘Numeracy Trainer’ finds and corrects knowledge gaps – using maths content structure that understands which concepts underpin which others. The only alternative, traditional 1:1 tutoring, is too costly and too scarce to impact the group which needs it most. E-Numeracy is low cost and infinitely scalable
  • Builds confidence by presenting exercises at the right pace and level of difficulty to reduce anxiety and help the student succeed – only possible by boosting student’s ‘Affective’ as well as ‘Cognitive’ scores
  • Relevance, motivation and engagement. Unique “Real World” button boosts motivation by explaining relevance. This switches from the current exercise to explain how the current topic is applied in the student’s chosen career
"COVID-19 has highlighted the inequalities that already existed in society. If we regard ourselves as a good society, we need to do something about that." Helen Buckingham,
Director of Strategy at the Nuffield Trust
"If the teaching of mathematics is not capable of producing a minimum amount of enthusiasm for the subject amongst the recipients, even the best founded, designed and implemented educational plans will fall short." Danish Ministry of Education report,
quoted by Nuffield/MEI
"Just as a basic level of physical fitness is increasingly recognised to be within everyone’s grasp, good numeracy is within the grasp of anyone who is currently held back by low confidence." Mike Ellicock, Chief Executive, National Numeracy
"There exists a fundamental issue in the mismatch between student need and the way schools are organized for instruction. Students fall behind grade level causing skill gaps that compound as they progress through school." U.S. Department of Education survey

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How it works

Our solution is the result of four decades of respected research in ‘maths anxiety’...

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  • Quickly analyses and identifies core gaps
  • Creates and continuously updates a personalised ‘Learning Journey’ for each user
  • Dynamically adapts to user’s pace, difficulty, learning style, etc
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  • Understands topic dependencies
  • Full GCSE Foundation, or bespoke employer/ apprenticeship focus
  • Exercises adapt to different learning styles – such as graphical, formulaic, or estimation
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  • Re-motivates the maths-anxious
  • Non-judgemental interactions and feedback
  • Adapts as confidence builds, stays patient
  • Always available 24-7, appeals to online habits of this generation
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  • Connect with like- minded students – by topic, interests or proximity
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Engages via games, and relates context to career, and interests

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I am a student or apprentice

Did you know that almost 70% of the working population in the UK struggles with numeracy skills? E-Numeracy is a practical new way to build your confidence in maths and numeracy.

I am an educator or policy maker

Our programme aligns to GCSE Foundation level mathematics, and covers a range of topics that helps your students get confident with numbers, whether at home or in the classroom.

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We deliver a tailored, personalised e-learning programme for apprentices and employees to build a foundation level of numeracy skills, helping apprentices to level up.

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