What is e•numeracy?

A learning platform for anyone who struggles with maths that uses educational research and AI personalisation technology together to boost practical numeracy skills. This rebuilds confidence in learners and enables them to access better life and employment opportunities.

Who is it for?

E-Numeracy is used by students to better achieve their career goals via improved numeracy, by further education colleges looking to supplement scarce tutoring resources, by employers to develop their apprentices and staff, and by charities who aim to improve social inclusion via education.

How is it different

E-Numeracy is designed for a different problem to most existing tools. This problem – faced by most developed countries – is that of failing to realise the potential of those who struggle with maths and eventually write themselves off as just ‘no good at maths’.

We can’t change the curriculum and we can’t change how maths is taught. But, by using four decades research on maths anxiety, and then personalising it to each individual student our platform delivers significant and measurable improvements in numeracy.

This group cannot learn more until their confidence is rebuilt, and they cannot absorb what they are being taught until their underlying knowledge gaps have been identified and corrected – both of which E-Numeracy excels at.

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How it works

Our solution is is built on four decades of respected research in ‘maths anxiety’...

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  • Quickly analyses and identifies core gaps
  • Creates and continuously updates a personalised ‘Learning Journey’ for each user
  • Dynamically adapts to user’s pace, difficulty, learning style, etc
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  • Understands topic dependencies
  • Full GCSE Foundation, or bespoke employer/ apprenticeship focus
  • Exercises adapt to different learning styles – such as graphical, formulaic, or estimation
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  • Re-motivates the maths-anxious
  • Non-judgemental interactions and feedback
  • Adapts as confidence builds, stays patient
  • Always available 24-7, appeals to online habits of this generation
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  • Connect with like- minded students – by topic, interests or proximity
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Engages via games, and relates context to career, and interests
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Our mission

E-Numeracy was founded to fulfil an important mission – both educational and social: to rebuild the ‘confidence with numbers’ of those who believe that they simply ‘can’t do maths’.

Example topics

E-Numeracy helps you learn only what is actually useful at work – and increases the chance of passing a maths qualification.

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Want to learn more?

Whether you are a student, college educator, school teacher, employer or charity, sign up for our launch updates and join our growing community committed to improving numeracy for all.